Leather Jackets

Redline Leather® and Milwaukee Leather® Men's & Women's Leather and Textile Jackets - Choices for You

All the latest leather and textile jackets from Redline Leather® and Milwaukee Leather® are right here at WisconsinHarley.com. This section is dedicated to all those Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts that want a choice while shopping for their favorite motorcycle Jackets. To speed things along, FILTER BY checking the gender and/or size you want at the upper left. 

Redline® and Milwaukee Leather® have been our favorite alternative manufacturer for a long time. Their focus is always on functional performance at affordable prices - the manufacturing quality, fit, and finish is equal to the best. Leather is versatile for both warm cold weather riding, this, in addition to its protective qualities. Whether for men or the ladies, there’s something about leather that looks great on or off the bike – while riding through the country or for a night on the town. An alternative to leather that affords lightweight protection is nylon. There are several jackets made with nylon in this collection. Either way, they look great and are a must for any motorcyclist’s riding wardrobe. Check out the reflective enhancements on many of these jackets. Reflective designs keep your ride safe. You will find modern and well as retro “Back to the 1950’s” designs, too. Quality made at affordable prices.

Ride safe, and remember WisconsinHarley.com for all your motorcycle jacket needs!