Hand & Foot Controls

Harley-Davidson® Hand Controls, Footpegs and Floorboards – Thinking of a New Theme? We Give you Choices

Having tingle-free feet and hands is a must for being comfortable on your bike. With customized footpegs, floorboards, and hand controls, you’ll be ready mile-after-mile. Some designs include soft inserts to minimize vibration, which fights fatigue. While comfort is paramount, there is no need to sacrifice style. While these Harley-Davidson® offerings provide comfort, they also keep your ride distinctive with both conventional and edgy design styles. Modern computer based engineering design processes provide us with intricate designs with ultra-fine detailing, allowing for comfortable and stylish rubber inserts, billet etching, and other great cosmetic enhancements. Whether it’s the Willie G Skull design, the Airflow or the Burst, the Contrast Edge or the Diamond Black design series, you can truly make your bike into something unique. 

Remember to try and stay close to your theme. You don’t want a bike that looks mishmash. Carefully read the fitment described with each product, too. That way you’ll be off and riding after your package arrives. You can also use the FILTER BY filter by selecting your bike model to show only those items designed for your model bike: Dyna®, Fat Bob®, Road King®, Softail®, Sportster®, etc.

Engineered for you by Harley-Davidson®, and shipped to your doorstep by WisconsinHarley.com. With some tools, a free afternoon, and a little know-how, you can breathe new life into your ride.