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Harley-Davidson® Women's Activewear Sweatshirts and Hoodies – Layer-Up for cool days and nights this Holiday Season

When a jacket is too much and a shirt is not enough, you still have a choice - layer-up and get moving with Harley’s® sweatshirts - get into your comfort zone with apparel just right for fall. We have the styles you need, zip fronts, pull-over styles, with and without hoods. Our Activewear is a fashionable way to stay warm while at the same time showcasing your love for Harley-Davidson®. Get the gear that gets you up, moving, and looking sharp on your motorcycle. When off the bike, every sidewalk becomes a fashion runway, too. On the road or around town, you're on the bow wave of being fashion-forward.

We frequently rotate in new styles so that you can keep your wardrobe fresh and current. Discover the myriad of distinctive Harley® logo graphics in all your favorite colors with a full ranges of sizes - some have extended sizes 1W through 3W. You’ll definitely be staying warm in style. With rib-knit cuff construction to help seal out the cold, you can brace the wind with pizzazz. Some of the sweatshirts are hooded with a draw string. Some have kangaroo pockets. They are all made with high quality 100% cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blends. Life with Harley® doesn't stop when the temperature drops . . . it’s just getting started.

Our sweatshirts are Harley-Davidson® branded with logo print graphics on the chest and back. Our collection is manufactured both by Harley-Davidson® and under Harley-Davidson® license by Bravado®, a manufacturer known for their unyielding commitment to high quality standards. We have also included Harley® licensed sweatshirts from VF® Imagewear, a clothing manufacturer that has been with Harley® for years and in the clothing business for well over 100-years. Given the wealth of talent at these manufacturers, it is no wonder our inventory has a large variety of styles and colors.

Check back often. If you want authenticity and great service, stay on these pages and shop at Don't be fooled with cheap knock-offs. Get the genuine stuff right here. It lands on your doorstep in just a few days.