Functional Jackets

Harley-Davidson® Men's Functional Riding Jackets – Made for One Thing: Motorcycling

Riding a motorcycle never looked so carefree or easy as it does with Harley-Davidson®. But, it’s more complicated than just looking good. You’ll find the protection you need to ride confidently with these motorcycle jackets because they are made for one thing: Motorcycling. Our functional jackets are made with the toughest racing textiles – from high-quality cotton canvas, cotton denim, nylon, nylon-mesh, textile-mesh to waterproof fabrics - we have it all in stock and ready to ship.

With several dozen entries, our inventory has a variety of styles, colors, and extended sizes. Functional Jackets are versatile for warm weather and cold weather temperatures, offering extra protection year round. Hi-Visibility/Reflective designs keep your ride safe in addition to comfortable. Some styles have the versatility of removable liners and hoodies. Feel confident and safe no matter the trail or highway with these function riding jackets.

We have what it takes at when it's time to get down to business.