Rain Gear

Harley-Davidson® Men's Rain and Foul Weather Gear - Make Rain into Something Unforgettable 

Here’s a nightmare: You are riding, unprepared, and it starts to rain and soon you are soaked to the bone. The shivering is so bad you can’t even hold onto the handlebar grips. Evaporative cooling is really working for you today, in a bad way. You turn off and go inside a cafe to get warm, dripping wet. Everyone looks up and stares at you. They're thinking, “There is a Bigfoot?” As you stand there in a puddle of your own making, you're thinking, "There's gotta be a better way." OK, time to wake up, the nightmare is over. Fortunately, you can now act before it's too late.

Yes, there is a better way because Harley-Davidson® knows a thing or two about keeping you dry and warm if you are caught out in the rain. Our waterproof rain gear can turn the ruined ride described above, into an unforgettable adventure for the memory book. What a wonderful feeling to cruise in the rain at 60-mph while staying completely dry and warm. If you're prepared, it's a positive experience – not a nightmare.

The type of riding and distance of the trip, as well as available storage space on a bike are all important considerations in making the best choice in rain gear. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle rain gear includes complete rain suits, boot gaiters, rain jackets, pants, and more. H-D® waterproof rain wear features sealed seams for maximum waterproofing, which provides the rider with superior protection against leakage in wet conditions. Remember this closely guarded secret: You have to have your rain gear with you when the time comes. If in doubt, keep it packed and ready.

In addition to Harley-Davidson®, we have also included rain gear from Redline® and Nex Gen®, both quality manufacturers of foul weather gear – we want you to have choices!

So, go out and create rainy day memories with Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®.