Rain Gear

Harley-Davidson® Men's Rain and Foul Weather Gear - It's Time to Gear-up and Press On

The right travel gear—like rainwear—can make or break a road trip. Before you head out to the highway, make sure you’re fully set up.

Harley-Davidson® knows a thing or two about keeping you dry and warm if you are caught out in the rain. Our waterproof rain gear can turn a rainy day into an unforgettable adventure for the memory book. What a wonderful feeling to cruise in the rain at 60-mph while staying completely dry and warm. If you're prepared, it's a positive experience – not a nightmare.

The type of riding and distance of the trip, as well as available storage space on a bike are all important considerations in making the best choice in rain gear. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle rain gear includes complete rain suits, boot gaiters, rain jackets, pants, and more. H-D® waterproof rain wear features sealed seams for maximum waterproofing, which provides the rider with superior protection against leakage in wet conditions. Remember this closely guarded secret: You have to have your rain gear with you when the time comes. If in doubt, keep it packed and ready.

In addition to Harley-Davidson®, we have also included rain gear from Fulmer®, Redline®, and Nex Gen®, both quality manufacturers of foul weather gear – we want you to have choices!

So, go out and create rainy day memories with Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®.