Harley Parts Bin

The Parts Bin – Treasures that are Here Today and Gone Tomorrow – Factory New

Sometimes a particular accessory is not always a hit with everyone. But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s rejection might be another’s prize possession. Check out these items to see if there’s something here you might like, need or want. Everything is factory new – NO used parts.

You will find a variety of items here, all priced to move, from shocks to slip-on mufflers. Check back often because the items in the bin rotate as they are sold out. Remember, all of these items are factory new. We never offer our customers anything used.

We have also added a number of Gardner & Westcott and Diamond Engineering new blister packs for nuts, screws, disc brake rotor screw sets, etc. Their fastener products are well known and respected for their quality in the automotive industry.