Cold Weather Gear

Harley-Davidson® Men’s Cold Weather Gear – Give the Gift of Warmth During the Holiday Season

What’s great about a car when it gets cold outside is that you can turn on the heater. It’s not that easy on a motorcycle, of course. But, as long as the road is ice-free, cold weather on a motorcycle is a can-do experience. You can trust that Harley-Davidson® knows a thing or two about riding gear on cold or chilly days. And, can there be a better gift? He'll remember you each time he pulls on his pair of gloves or his neck gaiter. 

In this section we get you headed in the right direction with the protection you need to get out and ride in cold temperatures. You’ll find face masks, heated gear, cold weather skull caps and beanies for walking around, jackets, 3M® Thinsulate shirts, vests, neck gaiters, balaclavas, ear warmers, riding bibs, and electrical component accessories for heated items. Harley’s great logos are represented too, including the HDMC®, the Trade Mark Bar & Shield®, the classic Bar & Shield®, and many others.

When the days grow short, gear-up for the cold with Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®, because as Wisconsinites know a thing or two about the cold!