Womens Tops

Harley-Davidson® Women’s Casual & Dress Tops – It All Begins with the Top, Especially during the holidays 

Get more Harley® in your life by kickstarting your wardrobe where the fashion experts say it all begins: Your top. Our selection is huge, so you will want to use the Filter By tool to the upper left to see all the beautiful selections that fit your particular price, size and/or color preference. Otherwise, enjoy browsing through all the offerings.

Our tops styling includes casual and dressy, short and long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts - with and without hoods, tanks, sleeveless shirts, sweaters, and vests - no occasion is neglected. For a sassy look, bare the arms. Dress up or dress down with shirts, t-shirts and tank tops. You’ll find all sorts of graphics, colors, styles, and Harley-Davidson® logos with stunning graphic appeal. You will find tops that are, quite simply, lovely. You can pair solid colors with almost any type of bottom. You'll also find tops that are sexy, athletic, and tops that are more suitable for the business office environment. Dressy tops include collared shirts, button-up shirts, Henley's, scoop-necks, boat-necks, and V-neck styles. You’ll find cut-out tops, tops with caps sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and cold-shoulder sleeve tops. You'll find embellished tops that include rhinestones set in brightly colored, innovative one-of-a-kind H-D® graphics. As for tee-shirts, the selection is extensive. The sweater section is simply stunning, with multi-tone Cardigans, other Cardigans, and knit Raglan sleeve styles, just to mention a few.

Harley® women’s tops are made from high quality 100% cotton fabric or blends. In addition to Harley-Davidson’s® offerings, Harley® has licensed a number of well-known, high-quality manufacturers to make and represent various styles, including MJCK®, RK Stratman®, and Bravado®. Many tops have sizes ranging from X-Small to 2X-Large, including the plus sizes of 1W, 2W, and 3W. Small and Large Petite sizes are included on many selections, too.

We’ve got the perfect Harley-Davidson® top, either for you or that perfect gift for a loved one or friend. WisconsinHarley.com is where it all begins