Baseball Caps

Harley-Davidson® Women's Baseball Hats and Caps – A Must Have Fashion Accessory

There is nothing more ubiquitous these days than a baseball hat. So, how are Harley-Davidson® baseball hats different? It’s more than just the hat - it’s the person wearing the hat that’s different. We Harley® fans don’t settle to be just one of many. We know we are different and one of the few – and, we don’t mind being that way. We value our freedom of expression – and we don’t mind telling it like it is, either. No PC in this crowd. Being different also means that in life, we travel on roads less traveled, both literally and figuratively. Wearing a Harley-Davidson® styled hat makes a statement – that life is worth living and living large. We go the extra mile, take the extra step, and sometimes we take the long way around. We love our country, and revere our heritage.

As a fashion accessory, a baseball styled cap is a great way to go. Yes, they are functional, keeping the sun out of your eyes. But, our baseball hats aren’t just baseball hats - they’re Harley-Davidson® baseball hats. Check out our inventory. There are traditionally styled caps and we also have pit-boss visor hats. Some hats are embellished with rhinestones and many have embroidery – many have both. We even have a Wounded Warrior Project white hat. Finish detailing includes embroidery or patches featuring logos such as the H-D® Motorcycles, Bar & Shield®, Skull Wings, Bar & Shield® Wings, and more. Colors include black, traditional Harley® orange, white, heather grey, and various combinations of all these colors.

Check out the limited edition 115th Anniversary Ride Pack, which includes a bandana and a pin, as well as a hat. It’s an anniversary limited edition offering, so get one while they are still available. Even though the anniversary was last year, the celebration lines on. The Ride Pack makes a perfect gift, too. When they are gone, they are gone forever.

We think you will find a hat that will fit your personality right here at We’ve got you covered.