Pet Products

Harley-Davidson® Toys and Accessories for the Most Loyal Friends in Life: Our Pet Dogs and Cats

Experts often say that the most enduring trait of the human species is their relationship with their pets. When you look into Woody's eyes and he tilts his head, you know instantly – Dog’s Get It! They know what you want and what you are thinking - and they’re ready to please. Do the same with a cat named Dickens and you find out that the experience is something quite different but just as endearing, as he purrs himself into your heart.

To say pets are important in our lives is an understatement. Over 60% of the households in the USA have a pet, and most are either dogs or cats. They are so important in our lives, we often wrap presents for them during the gift-giving season of Christmas and Hanukkah. We love them, respect them, and care for them.

Our collection of pet toys and accessories is complete, and you don’t necessarily have to wait for the holiday season. From Harley-Davidson® squeaky toys to leashes, Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® is proud to present these awesome Harley-Davidson® pet toys and accessories! Keep Fido looking great with a cool Harley-Davidson® Bandana while he’s having a blast playing fetch. We even have a Harley® logo pet T-Shirt for Fido, in various sizes depending on the breed. Don't forget the cats. While they don't usually do well while on a leash, they love chasing balls. 

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