Caps & Headwear

Harley-Davidson® Women's Caps & Headwear - All kinds, styles, and sizes for year-round wear

From a women’s point of view, is a hat fashionable or functional? Can it be both? We say, "Yes!"

We literally have you covered at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®. These pages include baseball hats, biker and skull caps, cold weather headwear, headwraps, and bandanas. So, after you’ve parked your bike, handle that helmet hair with a signature Harley-Davidson® headwear. Remember, it's as much about fashion as it is function.

We have a large variety of classic baseball hats. Some are more embellished than others, so you'll probably find one that suits your taste. Look for all of the most popular Harley-Davidson® logos, too. In the Biker & Skull Cap section, you’ll find a number of flat top hats, which have become more trendy and fashionable in recent years. They also have traditional logos, as well eye catching embellished and embroidered graphics. We also have a dedicated section devoted to Cold Weather. Here you’ll find beautiful knit beanies, balaclavas, neck gaiters and tubes, headbands, scarves, and an Open Knit Mitten and Beanie Set. The final section includes popular headwraps, bandanas, and scrunchies in a variety of colors and graphics. Because we know you want choices, check out the Knotty Band™ headband offerings. The colors and embellishments are unbelievable. 

If you are baseball hat fan and want a large variety of choice, hop over to the Men's baseball hat section. There are many adjustable hats that look great on our girl bikers, too. 

Harley-Davidson® is so much more than motorcycles – it’s a way of life. Visit us often at