Travel Luggage

Harley-Davidson® Travel Luggage by Athalon® – Lightweight and Practically Indestructible

If you think about it, your travel luggage should have many of the traits we look for in a motorcycle – something that is great looking, generously sized for the purpose, lightweight, high-quality, sturdy, and above all, reasonably affordable. Harley-Davidson® is a winner here too. Harley® has licensed the best manufacturer of travel luggage and accessories, Athalon® Sportgear, for your Harley® logo luggage. They make all of our offerings including Backpacks, Hard and Softside Luggage, Wheeled Duffels, and travel accessories like Totes, and Toiletry Kits, and more. They are a respected and recognized name in travel and sports luggage. So, if you have plans for a getaway any time soon, look to Harley-Davidson® to go in style.

We have also leather toiletry kits. Flying to your destination gets easy with the 25-inch Night Rider 3 Pullman Bag (with Spinner Wheels) - it’s ultra-lightweight yet strong, and is loaded with organizational features. Most of the bags feature a custom and distinctively different Harley-Davidson® map printed lining, in itself a work of art.

Each item is described in detail in the Product Details section, including size, interior description, and other items of interest. In summary, you will get a wonderful feeling, year after year, when it comes time to drag out the luggage for that long awaited trip. Just seeing the logos and the map print lining will put you mentally in-gear for good times. Trust all of your travel needs to Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®.

NOTE: Be mindful of your airline’s carry-on size restrictions. These restrictions are also changing all the time. You’ll want to double-check these restrictions to ensure there are no surprises or arguments during airline check-in.