Photo Frames

Harley-Davidson® Picture Frames – For a Lifetime of Memories

Photographs of family members, friends, or significant events can be heartwarming, especially when they are displayed. They are the legacy of who we are, or better put, who we were. It’s a way to communicate to others or remind you of others – breaking the rules of time travel in one’s mind. The emotions can be evocative and complex, eliciting comfort, joy, sadness, wonder, and even sympathy. Simply put, photographs have the power to move us. What better way to celebrate a photograph of loved ones, a wedding kiss, a memorable moment during a vacation, or with good friends in a group photo after a long day on the road, than displaying that photograph for everyone to appreciate.

So, what’s the problem? The custom of placing a printed photograph into a picture frame is fast becoming a lost art with the advent of the smartphone and digital frames. Over three quarters of Americans (77%) now own a smartphone according to the Pew Research Center in 2018. And each phone has a camera. Just 18 years ago, most households probably had one or two acetate photographic film cameras for snapping pictures that had to be developed at the drug store. It’s all different now - it’s all digital.

Call us old fuddy-duddies, but we still believe there is place for paper photographs to be displayed in picture frames the old fashioned way, whether it’s at home or at the office. There are many on-line services that will print your digital images onto paper. So, we offer these frames for your consideration. A Collage Frame is also available, measuring 30.25 X 8.5-inches. The smaller frames are suitable for a desk or end-table, while the collage frame has hardware for hanging on a wall.

H-D® picture frames are all designed to tastefully encapsulate your most treasured photographs. The Collage Frame can memorialize anything, with a photo behind each letter in silhouette (cut-out) HARLEY-DAVIDSON lettering. As with the other frames, the logos are subdued and simple, adding just a touch Harley® to make sure people know they are among Harley® friends. Remembering the best in your journey through life is good thing.

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