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Iconic Harley-Davidson® Pins for Vests and Jackets, and Magnets

Whether it’s a suit jacket, sport coat, a biking jacket or vest, there’s a pin that delivers a message without uttering a word. The message can be gentle, like the Pink Label Breast Cancer Ribbon Bar & Shield®; the message can be informative, like the Harley-Davidson® Police Pin; it can be patriotic, like the United We Ride Pin; it can also be a warning, like the scary Willie G Skull with wrench crossbones pin; or maybe it’s about displaying a healthy pride in one’s self-reliance, like the Upwing Eagle guarding the Bar & Shield®.

If you are an officer of the law or a firefighter, there is an iconic pin for you. Americanism is embodied in the Harley-Davidson® ethos. It's about being free and exercising our unalienable rights of Liberty. Our Americanism is illustrated in the United We Ride/American Eagle pin, displaying two American flags, the Harley® Bar & Shield®, a United We Ride banner, all guarded by the Harley® eagle. There is also a pin with a silhouette Bar & Shield® mounted on a Christian cross.

You’ll find pins in a variety of colors, including copper, chrome, silver, etc. With enamel coloring, many capture the mood you are looking for, like the Heart Pin. If you are looking for edgy, check out the pins that feature Willie G’s skull graphics. Celebrate the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson® with an anniversary logo limited edition pin.

To ensure your pin never falls away, make sure you secure it with locking pin clutches. We have a pack that has 12 silver clutches, and the Allen wrench is included.

Turning to magnets, what better way to boast your allegiance to all things Harley® than displaying iconic logos on anything metal, from refrigerators to tool boxes? We have many, including a Trade Mark Bar & Shield® logo magnet and the colorful American Legend Skull magnet.

Whether its magnets or pins, we have over 60 entries from which to choose. We’re sure you’ll find something you like right here at