Rain Gear

Harley-Davidson® Women's Rain Gear – Don't Let Rain Ruin Your Ride

Here’s a horror short story that happens all too frequently for those that don’t plan ahead: You are riding and it starts to rain and soon you are soaked. The shivering is so bad you have trouble holding onto the handlebars. Finally, you turn off and go inside a roadside café, dripping wet. You push open the door and step inside. The entire café goes silent . . . everyone turns, eyes on you, staring, and thinking, “This is one scary-crazy, lady!” As you try to make yourself invisible while the puddle of water grows around your feet. You say to yourself, "There must be a better way." There is - the right waterproof rain gear can make the difference between recounting this horror story, and having an unforgettable memory.

For rain gear, the type of riding, the distance of the trip, as well as available storage space on a bike are all important considerations in the purchase decision process. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle rain gear includes waterproof rain jackets and rain suits, pants, gaiters, and there is even a rain poncho. H-D® waterproof rain gear features sealed seams for maximum waterproofing, affording superior protection against leakage in wet conditions.

Planning ahead for bad weather is the challenge. It’s tough to do, especially when it’s sunny and dry when you set out for that first day - plan ahead and being prepared is the key, just like when you were a Girl-Scout. We have full size-runs for all our rain gear, and we have also included a complete 2-piece rain suit from Redline®, because we know you want choices.

Staying dry when it is raining can be a pleasant memory when riding a motorcycle. Shop WisconsinHarley.com to make it so.