Harley-Davidson® MOD® Fine Rings for Women – Nothing is more elegant

Since ancient times, the finger ring has consistently been the most popular form of personal jewelry. And, in some cultures a ring can even evoke a little magic. Even the most beautiful hands are enhanced with a ring. Rings can also lend a bit of panache to almost any outfit. It’s no wonder that women continue to embrace rings for personal adornment.

Our ring designs include rings with turquoise, and with blue, champagne, and black ice crystals. Our fine rings are made with .925 sterling silver, and rose gold. Many have traditional Bar & Shield® logos, as well as silhouette Bar & Shields®. You will find embellished silhouette Bar & Shields®, rings for everyday bling, and rings for the cocktail hour or for formal evening wear. We even have several toe rings.

Our collection of rings are styled by the design teams at Harley-Davidson® and MOD® Jewelry Group Inc. MOD® is a licensee of Harley-Davidson®. MOD’s design team, located in Costa Mesa, California, creates stunning collections that are fashion forward for Harley® women. These rings are sized for any woman, and designed for any taste. For ladies that are not tall and who have shorter fingers, smaller rings are best. Taller women and longer fingers support rings with large jewel setting best. With well-groomed fingers and nails, almost any ring is a hit. What about jewelry etiquette rules? Forget them. Harley® women do things the way they want. For satisfaction with your jewelry needs, be sure to remember WisconsinHarley.com. 

Use the chart below to determine your ring size if you are unsure of your size. Use a thin strip of paper and measure below the finger joint by wrapping and marking the strip.

Size    Measure


1 13/16 inches


1 15/16 inches


2 1/16 inches


2 1/8 inches


2 1/4 inches


2 5/16 inches


2 7/16 inches


2 9/16 inches


2 5/8 inches


2 3/4 inches


2 7/8 inches