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Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Security Locks & Tie-Downs

Here’s a scenario you don’t want to experience: You park your Softail three doors down from your favorite café. After lunch, you walk to your motorcycle but instead of your beautiful Harley-Davidson® Softail®, there sits a motorcyclist on a Yamaha V Star. “Where’s my bike?” you shout to no one in particular. “Oh, that was your bike?” the V Star riders replies. “Two guys just rolled it onto a pickup saying they were taking it back to the shop because it wouldn’t start.” In this scenario, it’s too late. The bike is gone and most likely will never be recovered. For those that know that the bad guys are out to take whatever they can, this doesn’t happen because we're prepared. Yes, it’s time to invest a few dollars to secure your bike from robbers. Check out our locks that immobilize your bike so it can’t be rolled away, like Harley’s Noose Chain & Shackle Lock Kit, Brake Disc Locks, and Cable Locks. We also have locks that protect your helmet and windshield from being stolen. In addition to locks, we have items that help keep your Harley® secure at home, or wherever the back-roads take you. Our high performance tie-down straps secure your bike for transportation. Investing a few dollars to secure your ride may be the cheapest insurance you ever buy. Remember what Joseph Heller said in Catch 22: “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.” We’d like to append three more words, “and your bike!”