Harley-Davidson® Locks and Tie-Downs – For Motorcycles, Helmets, and Windshields – Being Paranoid can be a Good Thing

Here is a "Tale from the City:" After lunch at a café in San Francisco, this guy walks to his motorcycle but instead of his beautiful Harley-Davidson® Softail®, there sits some dude on a Yamaha V-Star. Falling to his knees in total shock, the Harley owner involuntarily clinches his fists and mournfully screams out to no one in particular, “Where’s my bike?” The Yamaha dude, looking astonished at the emotional display of horror says, “Wow, that was your bike, man? Three guys just rolled it onto a pickup because they said it wouldn't start. That was about five minutes ago. You just missed them."

"Sorry" sums up the state of affairs in this story - it’s too late for this Harley rider. The bike is gone and most likely will never be recovered. Welcome to the realities of owning a bike – they are a target for thieves. The annual number of motorcycles stolen in the USA has neared the 50,000 mark in recent years, and Harley thefts increased 12%. Making matters worse, only about 30% of stolen motorcycles are ever recovered. While Japanese bikes are most coveted by thieves, a Harley is the 5th most common make stolen.

How do you play a strong defensive game with thieves? Here are the top four recommendations to prevent theft according to Allstate Insurance:

1-Lock the ignition
2-Lock the bike to an immovable object
3-Lock the forks
4-Install an alarm

For those that know that the bad guys are out to take whatever they can get. This doesn’t happen to those that are prepared. Yes, it’s time to invest a few dollars to secure your bike from robbers. Check out our locks that immobilize your bike so it can’t be rolled away, like Harley’s Noose Chain & Shackle Lock Kit, Brake Disc Locks, and Cable Locks. You can also use security cables to protect almost anything. We also have locks specifically designed to protect your helmet and windshield from being stolen.

Investing a few dollars to secure your ride may be the cheapest insurance you’ll ever buy. Remember what Joseph Heller said in Catch 22: “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.” We’d like to append three more words, “. . . and your bike!”

Shop for the security your bike needs.