Gauntlet Gloves

Harley-Davidson® Men’s Gauntlet Gloves – For Total Protection

The word “gauntlet” is apt for these gloves. During medieval times, gauntlet gloves were made of small metal rings linked together in a mesh pattern, known as chainmail. They were nearly indestructible, and that is just what they wanted back then. Move forward to today and it seems we want the same thing but without the weight. The answer is the Gauntlet style motorcycle glove – indestructibility with warmth included.

Today’s gauntlet styled gloves offer the best overall protection available because they are specifically designed for cool or cold weather riding. Some are even heated. They keep the relative wind and cold from creeping in while riding because the cuffs are worn up and over the wrists and your jacket’s sleeves. They can also be used on mild days for maximum protection against the wind and flying debris.

Many Gauntlets are designed with waterproof leather, 3M® Thinsulate™ insulation, tricot linings, ergonomic thumbs, pre-curved fingers, reinforced gel-padded palms, 3M® reflective materials, wrist bungee cords, and more. 

We also offer gauntlet gloves from other well-known and respected manufacturers, just to make sure you have choices.

Protect yourself against the cold and the unknown with Gauntlet gloves from We know a thing or two about staying warm on the bike!