Leather Jackets

Harley-Davidson® Leather® Men's Leather Jackets – 'Tis the Season to Wear and Give Leather

Is there anything more iconic to motorcycling than the leather jacket? We don’t think so! And, is there a better gift, either for yourself or someone you care about? You have to decide, but leather certainly ranks up there.

here are three great reasons for wearing leather. Leather is durable and looks good – you can have a Marlon Brando, or a Top Gun Maverick look. Leather is also versatile because it works in both cold and warm weather temperatures – after 10-miles at 65-mph on a warm day, you’ll understand. But the most important reason is that leather provides the best protection should the unfortunate occur. And, a bee, beetle, or bird hit at 70 mph on an unprotected arm doesn't feel good, either. Being prepared for anything means wearing leather – it’s fashionable, comfortable on cold or warm days, and offers the best protection for the unexpected.

We have over 50 styles from which to choose. Reflective styles keep your ride safe. Some styles include removable liners and hoodies. You’ll find zippered pockets, cuffs, snaps for lapels – all the features you like and need. The FXRG® line is the best Harley-Davidson® makes. Our jacket selection has a variety of colors, and extended sizes too, including big and tall. A style that has stood the test of time is the Victory Lane jacket, made with vintage, distress leather with embroidered appliqué graphics. Because we know that our customers want choices, we have also included some of the more popular Redline® and Milwaukee Leather® jackets. Both of these manufacturers are popular alternatives for our cost conscience customers.

We stop at nothing to be sure you ride in style exactly the way you want to. Use the NARROW RESULTS widget to narrow down your size and color preference to speed things along. No matter your choice, WisconsinHarley.com rides with you!