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Harley-Davidson® Collectible Poker Chips, Challenge Coins, and Display Frames

So, what is a collectible? It is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector. It doesn’t have to have a monetary value; it just has to be valued in some way. There is no way to really describe the emotional attachment people have for the collectibles. Whether it’s a rock, a shell from the beach, baseball cards or coins, the value is always in the eye of the beholder. Harley® fans are not immune to this phenomenon. In our universe, we value Harley® dealership poker chips and challenge coins and their display frames. Like so many things Harley®, if you have to ask you wouldn't understand.

Collecting Challenge Coins has become popular among Harley® fans. According to references, a Challenge Coin is a coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the organization's members. Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service members. In truth, the actual history of Challenge Coins is all over the map, some saying they date to Roman times, others saying to WWII, while some say the phenomena is more recent, covering only the last 25-years or so.

For sure, the Challenge Coin is here to stay and with good reason. They’re beautiful. They are fun to look at and hold because they’re heavy, colorful, and the relief is often intricate. You will find a host of Challenge Coins here at They include, Sheriff, Police and Firefighter coins, Wounded Warrior Project coins, Patriotic coins, and coins dedicated to Harley-Davidson that bear iconic phases and symbols like Live to Ride, Knucklehead®, the H-D® skull, and the Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield®, as well as Harley’s® Pink Label Filigree with silhouette Bar & Shield®. The latest addition is the 115th Anniversary Collectors Challenge Coin, featuring the 115th wing logo and the 115th anniversary badge. You can collect them all and display them on a desk or in wall mounted display.

In addition to Challenge Coins, custom dealership poker chips are very much sought after by collectors. Motorcyclists collect them as memorable tokens from past biking adventures. Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® has a variety to choose from, too, along with display frames that can hold up to 88-chips. The Wisconsin-Davidson® 5-Chip Collect Set features five colors, Black/Grey, White/Yellow, White/Green, White/Orange, and White/Red. All of our chips have the Wisconsin-Harley-Davidson® logo graphic on the front side with a Bar & Shield® on the reverse side.

You’ll also find a 115th Anniversary Collectors Medallion & Box Set. A limited edition item that features a medallion that is 3-inches, set in a beautiful presentation box. The celebrated Hog Bank also has a 115th Anniversary Limited Edition variation, featuring the 115 Years Eagle Bar & Shield® logo. Shop at - You can bet we are up to the challenge.