Belts & Buckles

Harley-Davidson® Men's Black and Brown Leather Belts and Buckles and Suspenders

This could get confusing because we offer every possible combination involving belts, buckles, belts and buckles, as well as suspenders. We have belt straps so you can attach your own buckle. We have belts with buckles, and we also have buckles for belts. Confused yet? Since most of Harley-Davidson® belts have detachable buckles, so the choice is is up to you!

With over 70 different offerings in styling and designs, no one is left out. Our belts are made to look great even with dress slacks, as well as with jeans. With interchangeable buckles, you can be bold or subdued. One thing is for sure, they are all tough and ready for the ride. Year after year, Harley® designs endure the test of time. They have a legendary look and the performance never goes out of style. If you are a man and you wear pants, why not select a belt with the Harley® vibe. If you are not the type that wears your emotions on your sleeve, wearing them around your waist is what you're looking for. 

Did we say our genuine leather 1-1/2-inch wide belts are durable, sturdy, and the buckles are interchangeable? Belt styles include those with embossed, debossed or embroidered graphics, rivets, and other metal adornments. On many, you will find logo embellishments on the belt's keeper, too. While most belts are traditionally black, there are a number of lustrous brown belts available, too. Remember, you do need both colors in your wardrobe collection. For men lacking the fashion gene, there is an old rule out there that says brown shoes or boots look best if brown belts are worn – this is a fashionista rule that says mixing brown and black is off-limits most of the time. So, if you have brown shoes, consider adding a brown belt to your wardrobe.

Our belts are generally available in sizes 32 through 44, so everyone is included. We also have extra long suspenders, going up to Size 54.

To keep things up with the times, shop Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® for the best selection of belts and buckles.