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Collections from Harley-Davidson®, Milwaukee Leather®, Redline®, Screamin' Eagle® and More – A Heavenly Trove of Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you a collector? If you are into seeking, acquiring, displaying, or wearing items that interest you, whether it is cars, watches, logo'ed clothing items, license plates or all things Harley-Davidson®, then you are probably a Harley Collector.

Welcome to the Collector’s Collection heaven, right here at And, when it comes to gifts, our Collections category also combines with the Holiday Season for a gift givers paradise because we have almost everything a Harley® collector or fan might want. The big difference is that everything here is brand new – nothing is bent, dirty, damaged or otherwise not new. Even if it’s made to look "vintage," it’s brand new. Additionally, everything is “AUTHENTIC”. We emphasize the word authentic because in recent years Harley-Davidson® branded items have been targeted by unscrupulous counterfeit artists. If you purchase it from or from any of our sales channels, you can rest assured it is real and authentic.

Starting off with the latest addition to these Collection pages is the Harley-Davidson® 115th Anniversary Collection, which includes 115th Anniversary Limited Edition clothing, clothing accessories, and hardware. We also have a 1903 Collection, celebrating the birth year of Harley-Davidson®. Additional collections include categories like Summer, Winter, New for 2018, Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® tee shirts, and a Mascorro® Leather collection. You will also find Rout® Bags & Packs assembled in one place. Also included are the Milwaukee Leather® and Redline’s® collection of motorcycle clothing – because we know you want choices. If you collect Harley-Davidson’s® Black Label® items or Screamin’ Eagle®, we’ve organized a category for them too. The Holiday Collection has items that mix well during the Holiday Season, including seasonal offerings of Harley-Davidson® Christmas ornaments. You will also want to review the Clearance & Specials section for reduced pricing on items that are being discontinued – from Harley-Davidson® low-cut sneakers, sunglasses, watches, to coffee cups and H-D® stuffed animals.

In summary, within these Collection pages you will find an amazing selection of clothing and accessories for your high-performance and high-style passions, even if you’re not a collector. There are great gift ideas and fashion items for any occasion. Remember, many items are limited edition and/or seasonally oriented and available only for a short time, so you will want to bookmark these pages and come back often because once they are gone, they are gone forever. When it comes to gifts, our Collections category combines with the Holiday Season for a gift givers paradise.

Whereas Francis P. Church in 1897 reassured little 8-year old Virginia that there was a Santa Clause even if he could not been seen, we also offer these pages of gift ideas as proof that he’s always working, unseen, to make both children and adults happy. Church said, “A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he [Santa Claus] will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.” We’d like to add, to make glad the heart of the child in all of us. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays from the staff at, where Santa leaves his mark every day.