Fingerless Gloves

Harley-Davidson® Men’s Fingerless Gloves – Putting the Fine Touch on Protection

Fingerless gloves offer great protection from the elements, as well as unforeseen events – and, they still retain all the style you want with all the logos you love.

For all around summer riding, fingerless gloves allow for greater dexterity at the finger tips, while providing protection to the proximal and middle phalanx (and associated knuckles) and palms. Since fingerless gloves are more commonly worn during warmer weather, the benefits are obvious – about half of each finger and the thumb are exposed to fresh air. What’s really nice about these gloves is that you don’t have to remove the gloves for most outdoor tasks – you can manage your throttle friction lock, get your wallet out, mow the lawn, or pop the top of your favorite soda.

Fingerless gloves provide great protection to the palm and those finger parts closest to the palm. The first knuckle, working out from the palm, is the proximal inter-phalangeal joint, or the middle knuckle. This knuckle may or may not be covered depending on the glove’s design and your particular hand size. There are many styles from which to choose, too. Perforated styling can provide additional cooling with the protection you want, especially on those warm or hot days. Look for your favorite Harley-Davidson® logos, including the Bar & Shield®, the Winged Skull, and others.

While fingerless gloves are an important motorcycle riding accessory, they can also be used in other sports. They are great for the shooting range, or in other situations like yard work - when the palms need protection, but the fingertips are needed for a fine touch. All sizes are available, including Extra Large sizes.

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