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Ride Bells

Shop Our Wide Variety of Harley® Ride Bells – For Protection Against Gremlins and other Evil Spirits

We already know that evil lurks in the hearts of some men. The Cops know how to deal with these folks. It’s the unseen little devils and evil gremlins lurking around every corner that we must contend with every time we ride – getting rid of those nasty little spirits is more difficult. Calling 911 isn't going to help - it takes more than a Cop  . . . it takes a Ride Bell. Many say Ride Bells, Gremlin Bells, Guardian Bells, and Spirit Bells - no matter what you call them - protect motorcyclists from the evil that is waiting to jump on-board your motorcycle at every turn. While there is no proof this is true, why take the chance! We can all use a little help now and again, right?

Follow the legend of good luck and trap those ugly, dirty little evildoer devils – trap them in a bell. There are, however, four guidelines you should remember in order for your bell to be 100% effective:

1-Bells are more powerful if given as a gift.
2-Hang the bell to the lowest part of the bike’s frame.
3-If you sell the bike, remove the bell as its power won’t be extended to another.
4-Woe to a person who steals a ride bell - the gremlins are already angry at being trapped. If stolen, the gremlins unleash holy hell upon the thief once he has made his getaway. The result is definitely not pretty - looking the other way would be a good idea.

Einstein's famous words that, "God does not play dice," seems apt. Taken out of context, as it might apply here, why take the chance when dealing with these gremlins. Get a ride bell!

Now that you know the basics, we're sure you see the wisdom of Ride Bells. Our ride bells come in a variety of styles, including Willie G, skulls, hearts, various Harley® logos, and flames. There are bells finished with pink crystals for the ladies, too. Always ride safe, and hang a bell for that extra measure of protection. Don't believe in gremlins? Why push it? Remember, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. We think those gremlins are out there, even if you can't see them. 

Bells bearing Harley-Davidson® logos and trademarks are manufactured under Harley-Davidson® license by MOD® Jewelry Group. Don’t be afraid of gremlins. Just remember to never, ever, under any situation ride without a Ride Bell. Get protected today from