Compression Sleeves

Fight Fatigue and Sunburn with Missing Link® Compression Sleeves - For Comfort, Protection, and Great Looks

There is a common misconception that compression sleeves are only for medical rehabilitation. Fact is, compression sleeves are an incredibly useful addition to anyone's riding gear. Simply described, compression sleeves apply a slight amount of pressure on your arms to increase circulation and blood flow. Why is this useful for riders? When riding a motorcycle it's common to be idle for long periods of time, with little to no movement - your limbs swell up, and in many cases "fall asleep." Discomfort quickly follows, particularly on longer rides. The fun’s gone. Compression sleeves are a great aid that many riders have turned to in order to enhance and prolong riding comfort. The best part? They really work!

An added benefit is that compression sleeves not only look great, adding a cool arm tattoo look, but protect you from wind and sun. Sleeves are also available without the tattoo look. All are SPF 50 rated for sunburn protection! These sleeves are made by the compression sleeves experts at Missing Link®. As their name implies, they felt there was a missing link between leather jackets and cotton shirts – they filled this gap with high performance 4-way stretch fabrics that wick moisture, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it cool - all this in addition to the therapeutic comfort benefits. Their fabrics never fade, either. With over 30 styles available, you should be able to find a pair that works for you.

Trust your arms to Missing Link® and