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Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

Posted by Jason, from the Black Hills of South Dakota on

I asked the team members at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson if they would give me Holiday gift suggestions for this BLOG. I asked them if they would also give me a good reason why they selected the item, – was it a personal favorite, a best seller, a good deal, has high customer reviews, or whatever. I asked for three items for Men, Women, Kids, and three items for the Home. After the team circulated the request among themselves, they put together this list.

From the experts at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson, here are 12 gifts items for your Christmas shopping list. Just click on the image – your browser will open a new page for that item for a detailed review. I’ve also included the team comments made on the item. As always, the team would love to hear form you. Drop them an email or call 252-257-9700 for assistance and advice with gift selections.

For the Men

Victory Lane Jacket

1. Harley-Davidson® Men's Victory Lane Leather Jacket 98057-13VM: "This jacket has been a customer favorite for years. It is a classic, perfect for someone trying to find a higher-end gift."

Bar & Shield Hat

2. Harley-Davidson® Men's Embroidered Long Bar & Shield Mesh Trucker Cap BCC31212: "This is a cap that every Harley rider seems to love. I suppose it's because it's so basic, and sports the traditional Harley colors along with a historic elongated logo design. It's also a very affordable gift."

Brake Buckle

3. Harley-Davidson® Men's Brake Buckle Black 6.00-Inch Motorcycle Boots D91684: "Just about every customer I know who owns a pair, wants just one thing - another pair! So there's something great about them?"

For the Ladies

Laced Tee

4. Harley-Davidson® Women's Genuine Side Laced Short Sleeve Tee, Black 99104-17VW: "It's very popular, with a large classic logo. The distressed style is well received, even by those customers who miss that when ordering."

Notched V-Neck

5. Harley-Davidson® Women's Road Diva Notched V-Neck Short Sleeve Tee, Yellow, 30294291: "It's not black - and that's a good reason for many! It's super cool looking too."

Enthusiast Jacket

6. Harley-Davidson® Women's Miss Enthusiast 3 in 1 Leather Jacket 98030-12VW: "This ladies jacket, simply-put, is great looking, classy and a classic. It's been a top selling favorite for years now. Harley® fans never grow tired of this design."

For the Kids


7. Harley-Davidson® Baby Girls' Bibs, Bar & Shield 2 Pack Set, Black/Pink 7009505: "These bibs look great and at a reasonable price.  I bet this is how Dads, Grandpas and Uncles sneak in that first Harley® item that Mom just can't say no to!"

BS Boys Jacket

8. Harley-Davidson® Little Boys' Bar & Shield PU Pleather Biker Vest 0276072: "For the kid that likes to look just like dad, this vest is pretty basic and tough, which is probably why kids, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts love it so much."

Baby Booties

9. Harley-Davidson® Baby Boys' Boxed Stretch Terry Booties, Black S9LBL20HD: "Harley riders have to start somewhere, how about at birth? First pair of riding boots IMO [in my opinion]."

For the Home

Martini Glass Set

10. Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Martini Glass Set, Stainless Steel HDL-18730: "Martinis are delicious, they're packed full of nutrients, plus gin literally smells like Christmas trees due to the Juniper berries." [As good a reason as any]

Cutting Board

11. Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Cutting Board HDL-18504: "Great product that anyone could put to ifrequent use . I personally own one, and I like it a lot better than previous wooden cutting boards I've had."


12. Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Rubber Coaster Set HDL-18515: "Coasters are cheap, they fit in a stocking, and even non-alcoholic glasses need coasters. This one is pretty basic but screams Harley®, so it means a wider appeal a gift that will not go unappreciated."

Well, there you go, twelve great ideas for everyone. On behalf of me and the dedicated team at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson, we wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday season.

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