Pants and Chaps

Harley-Davidson® Men's Leather Riding Chaps & Pants, and Blue Jeans – For Ridin' and Struttin' Around Town

You don't have to be a wrangling dude in Dawson County, Texas to understand the protective value of chaps. And who knew what the future would hold for blue jeans when Levi Strauss & Co. made their first pair of 501's over 120 years ago. Fast forward to today and we find that leather chaps and denim jeans are staples in a bikers  wardrobe, having stood the test of time. 

For superior results in this century, you want the authentic, tough-as-nails Harley® brand. Leather chaps and pants are versatile for warm or cold weather temperatures, providing wind and flying debris protection in all seasons. Non-leather, highly reflective designs help keep your ride safe at night or in poor weather. The FXRG® line is the best Harley® makes. Leather chaps can to be cut to fit. And don't forget the staple of all Harley® clothing – Denim Jeans. We have them all: Original, Relaxed, Classic Boot Cut, Straight Leg, and the Modern Fit in both blue and black denim. Waist sizes generally range from 28 to 44-inches with inseams that fit most Harley® men.

Because we know you want choices, we also have chaps made my Milwaukee Leather®, Missing Link®, and Redline®. We have a large variety of styles and extended sizes, including big and tall. We’ve included chaps made with heavy duty Cordura nylon in a reversible black leather/neon green style – all the better to be seen.

No matter what steed you ride, trust to get you ride-ready.