Harley-Davidson® Women's Motorcycle Helmets and Helmet Accessories – Being Seen Will Save Your Life

Harley-Davidson® women's motorcycle helmets protect your most precious asset with legendary style. From classic half-helmets to full face models, H-D® has your head covered. 

To be blunt, there are two kinds of motorcyclists that prefer to not wear a motorcycle helmet: those that have been killed, and those that are likely to be killed or critically injured. There is no doubt about it - the statistics are clear - helmets save lives. They protect the head when during a crash, and they also prevent crashes by "being seen." Being seen is most of the battle when it comes to preventing being hit by a car while riding your motorcycle. Helmets help in “being seen” because they make you look bigger - they enlarge the cross-section of your head. When it comes to being seen, having a big head works for you. Additionally, Rule #7 from "Ten Pretty Good Rules to Ride By" says to dress for an accident. That includes wearing a helmet. Being paranoid is a good thing to be when it comes to riding defensively – yes, those cars are out to get you! Helmets can also protect you from road debris, something that you don't have worry about in your automobile. It's a whole different story on a motorcycle. A small stone ejected from the car in front of you, at 50-mph, can really ruin a beautiful face if it hits you in the eye or the cheek. We don’t want to sound too preachy, but professional motorcyclists insist on wearing helmets, and so should you!

Stay safe and looking great with these amazing Women’s Motorcycle Helmets from Harley-Davidson®! Whether you’re in the market for Full or Half Helmets, Modular Helmets, or helmet accessories like face shields, WisconsinHarley.com has what you want and need. We have them in stock and ready to ship today! If you are not sure what size to purchase, we recommend you try on helmets at your local Harley® dealer to find your size.

Enjoy the ride of life and come home safe to your loved ones. Remember, WisconsinHarley.com is on your side whether you buy it here or not. Please, wear a helmet. 

NOTE: Due to strict DOT safety and health restrictions, helmets may not be returned or exchanged, unless they are damaged during shipment.