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Warm Weather Gear


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Men's Warm Weather Clothing and Hydration Gear from Harley-Davidson®

For your convenience, all the warm weather jackets, gloves, head wraps, vests, shirts, hats, skull caps, socks, and more, that you need can be found in this Warm Weather Gear section. If it isn’t here, it’s probably not for warm weather. Here is the dilemma when it comes to warm weather riding. When it’s hot, you still want to feel comfortable. But shedding clothing has its risks too. You need to be protected in case the unexpected happens. It’s okay to be cool, but don’t do it at the expense of your health - we know that riding around shirtless is not the answer. We also know that Harley-Davidson® knows a thing or two about warm weather riding. Harley’s® selection of jackets, vests, and hydration clothing is the solution when the weather turns warm to hot. And believe it or not, a jacket feels good at 65-mph on an 80-degree day. Mesh jackets offer great ventilation, allowing a flow of air over the skin for quick evaporative cooling. Made of sturdy mesh nylon and synthetics, these jackets offer a cool and comfortable ride. When it really gets hot, as in pushing 100-degrees, try Harley’s® hydration vest and neck band. Soaked in water, these apparel items provide maximum cooling via evaporation as you cruise down the highway. Harley’s® Wolverine Coolmax socks are made to vent heat, too. And, don’t forget the cooling effects of a good skull cap, either. Worn close to the skull, they soak up head moisture, allowing for evaporative cooling. With evaporative cooling, for you technical types, we're talking about the latent heat released from evaporation. It cools. For maximum comfort and protection, combine the skull cap with a ventilated helmet. Harley’s® hydration neck bands work on the same principle, providing evaporative cooling around the neck. Fingerless glove are also cool, and our selection provides protection too. With your torso, head, arms, hands, and feet covered with vented jackets, helmets, gloves, and socks, you can be cool no matter how hot it gets. So, when it is hot and dry Harley-Davidson’s® warm weather gear keeps you on the move, in style and comfort.