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Harley-Davidson® Women's Socks - Next to Boots, Great Socks are Essential

Napoleon Bonaparte said an army marches on its stomach. We disagree. They march on boots with properly protected feet. For comfort, socks assuredly play the most important role for comfortable feet. If you are going to wear boots, you have to have socks that are up to the task. Even great boots won't help if you have hot, miserably wet socks. Nothing is worse than having squishy wet socks on a bright sunny day.  The experts at Harley-Davidson® know boots, and they recognize that socks are the third rail for riding comfort. Compression ready, moisture-wicking, Harley® socks will add miles of comfortable riding to your day. Look for Xtreme designs, and Coolmax trademarks. With cushioned soles and heels, your feet glide throughout the day. With over-foot ventilation panels, your feet stay dry. Embedded arch supports extend the day. Reinforced panels at the ankle, heel, and toes prevent holes for years. If you wearing great boots do yourself a favor and try our Harley® socks. With almost fifty different styles and designs, there is something here for you. They are up to the tough environment of motorcycling and are great for everyday wear as well. You can trust Harley-Davidson’s® design teams for the most current and functional socks available. And you can trust to get them to you fast.