Other Accessories

Harley-Davidson® Accessories for Women - Vest Extenders, Armor, Temporary Tattoos, Zipper Pulls

Here you will find those "other accessory" items that defy categorization. The odd thing is that each one of these items is popular and continually sought after by women motorcyclists. Here, you will find zipper pulls, FXRG® body armor, vest extenders, boot clips and jewelry, and temporary tattoos.

Vest extenders are great for practical reasons, but they also are fashionable for vests not really requiring extension. They add a certain casual sophistication to your outfit. They come with different hardware snaps, too.

Among the most popular items shown in this section are the tattoo sheets. While almost half of all women under 35 years of age have ink, many ladies still prefer the temporary method of tattooing.

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