Biker & Skull Caps

Harley-Davidson® Men's Traditional Biker and Skull Caps – From 1950’s Brando to 21st Century Styling

This distinctive category of headwear features skull, biker, ivy, and a painter's hat that has a military fatigue look. We have also included several offering from Missing Link®, including flannel beanies and a Hi-Vis, reversible beanie. With this variety of biker hats and skull caps you’ll be able to round out your headwear wardrobe collection in no time.

Made with leather, knit, brushed cotton or canvas, the styles are traditional and stylish, and they all have that customized Harley® touch. The styles include an Ivy, a 1950’s Brando styled hat, a military fatigue style, along with a number of skull caps. If you have a POW/MIA theme, check out the "You Are Not Forgotten" POW/MIA GasCap - it's thin enough to be worn under a helmet, too. 

These offerings have many different embroidered logos. The popular military fatigue styled flat-top painter’s cap has beautiful Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles lettering embroidered across the front. This Army inspired hat is here to stay. We rotate all of the styles often so you always have a fresh selection. Traditional, yet always in style, these hats fit-in anywhere bikers roam.

For something new, original, and always relevant, trust your headwear needs to