Harley-Davidson® Essential Men's and Women's Motorcycle Gloves – Comfortable Protection for the Holidays

Motorcycle gloves are a riding essential no matter the season. Experienced riders know that gloves are important because, 1) They provide protection in the event of the unthinkable; 2) They dampen the vibrations experienced when motorcycling, thereby reducing fatigue; 3) They provide you with a firm grip for the throttle, the clutch, and the brakes; and, 4) They are comfortable. For all these reasons, you really, really should wear gloves.

Gloves are obviously great for cold and cool weather riding, but you should wear them during the summer months, too. If you start to go down on your bike your first instinct is to put your hands out to brace yourself – whether it’s summer or winter. For hands without gloves, the result is nasty. We have the gloves you need – gloves that protect your hands from the cold, road debris, and the asphalt.

Hands down, we have a huge selection of riding gloves for both Men and Women, in sizes that fit and with all of the features you need to be comfortable. Choose from performance gauntlet styles to fingerless, padded gloves, and more. There’s more to gloves than just protection - they should also add to riding comfort and enable the rider to easily operate the bike’s hand controls. New technology and features are now offered in Harley's® latest glove styles, for ultimate comfort and protection in virtually any riding situation. Fingerless gloves are great for ventilation. Gauntlet style gloves keep you covered for full protection. Padded gloves are essential for trail riding. Choose from all leather to tactical Kevlar® gloves.

Whether you’re going for a cross-country ride or making a quick run to the grocery store, keep a pair of riding gloves at hand. Because we know you like choices, we have also added several other quality glove manufacturers to our inventory in addition to those made by Harley-Davidson®. With such a wide selection, we’re sure you’ll find just what you want at