Open Face Helmet

Harley-Davidson® Men's Motorcycle Open Face-Helmets – Great for Metro Riding Environments

Compared to the half-helmet, the Open-Face (3/4) motorcycle helmet is a step up in coverage and protection, covering all the major bones of the skull, including the Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital bones. It offers great visibility with the additional protection you want around the sides and back of the head. For safety, it's probably the best choice for busy urban riding. With a full-face visor, it’s the next best thing to the full-face helmet design.

There are many styles from which to choose, coming in various colors and logos, including the #1, and the Bar & Shield® logo. All are equipped with chin straps, and have distinctive color schemes and visor designs. Some have face shields. They are all designed with function in mind. We've also included LS2, Fulmer, and Castle helmets because we know you want choices.

Look sharp and be safe. Harley-Davidson® men's motorcycle helmets protect your most precious asset with style, YOU! Shop our large inventory. We carry them all. Bookmark for your helmet needs.

NOTE: As with all helmets, unless there is a manufacturing defect, they may not be returned or exchanged due to safety, health or other restrictions. Please be sure of your size when you order. We recommend you visit a dealer and try on a helmet to be certain.