Harley-Davidson® Men's Socks – In Importance, Socks Come in Second Only to the Boots you Wear

A word of advice – please, please don’t scrimp of socks! Even the best boots won't help if you have miserably hot and wet socks. For comfort, socks play the most important role in a well-appointed wardrobe. Both Napoleon and Frederick the Great said that an Army marches on its stomach. That may be true, but it survives on dry socks and good boots. We think this also applies to motorcyclists. If you wear great motorcycle boots, do yourself a favor and try our Harley® socks. You won’t regret it. Harley® knows best and they don’t scrimp on sock design and materials. Compression ready, moisture-wicking, Harley® socks will add miles of comfort to your day. They are up to the tough environment of motorcycling. Look for these following features:

     Full-Cushion Comfort - completely knit

     Cushioned Soles - extra cushioning

     Targeted Cushioning - added support in high friction areas

     Reinforced Heel and Toe - knit with durable yarn for added durability

     Embedded Arch Support - more tightly knit where it counts

     Breathable Mesh - open knit stitching on the top for increased circulation and breathability

     Comfortable Stay-Up Top - spandex knit and a welted top keeps the socks up

     Smooth Toe Seams - sandwich terry loops' means seams are not felt

Most of Harley’s® socks have embedded arch supports to help reduce foot fatigue during long rides or while standing for long periods of time. Most also have over-foot ventilation panels that help vent moisture, too. Many have half-foot cushion panels for extra comfort. Common among them all are reinforced heel and toe panels to aid comfort and prevent excessive wear in these sensitive areas. Low cut socks are idea with regular shoes. Crew length extends beyond the ankle. Mid-calf socks extend higher than the tops of 8-inch boots. Over the calf lengths generally cover the entire calf.

Thinking beyond functional design considerations, Harley® doesn’t skimp on the fashion element either. They have included a wide variety of colors and graphic designs along with various Harley® logos. You have quantity choices too, between purchasing a single pair, or a 3-pair value packs. Note that word, "value." If you ride, walk, or hike, Harley® socks are a must for your wardrobe. And who doesn’t ride, walk, or hike. Harley® men's socks fit foot sizes 9-13, which means they will fit most men.

We know a thing or two about riding comfort. Stay dry and comfortable with Harley® socks from They make the perfect gift, too.