Wallets & Keychains

Harley-Davidson® Accessories for Men - Leather Wallets, Money Clips, Keychains and Key Rings, Key Fobs, and Lanyards

Is there anything more ubiquitous than a wallet or a key chain for men? Not when it’s Harley-Davidson® and worn by Harley® men, that special breed of American who treasures life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We are the few. We’ve seen it all. We are survivors. As the late Freddie Mercury said in another setting, “We are the Champions.”

From an early age we all were introduced to the wallet. Before long, it was a key ring for Dad’s car, and later it was a money clip or a credit card wallet. As adults we use them all. But adherents to the Harley® way of life are different. If you qualify, you are at the right place because here you will find a veritable cornucopia of high-quality products spilling over many, many pages – over 150 different wallets, keychains, key rings, etc.

At Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® we know that little details matter! And it matters how you wear it. We have a large collection of traditional bi-fold and tri-fold wallets. We also have longer chain wallets, too. There are police and firefighter badge keychains, too. Make our signature Harley-Davidson® money clip your signature way of securing loose bills. Whatever your taste, there is a wallet, money clip or keychain for you. Select a wallet with a Harley-Davidson® embroidered logo or go with a traditional embossed look. The brown wallets are particularly lustrous, with rich smooth finishes – some with embossed logos. Harley® wallets, money clips, and keychain designs include textured finishes, too. If you prefer a particular style, we probably have it. We also have ID and key lanyards for your next convention or for use at the office campus.

Because we know you want choices we have also included the superior products from Mascorro Leather®.

Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®, where safety, function, and fashion coexist for the special Harley® breed of men – there are no losers here – Harley® men are Champions!