Harley-Davidson® Men’s Bulova® Watches – Fashion Accessories that Stand the Test of Time

Bulova® has a rich history as a preeminent watchmaker. Starting in 1875, with an unwavering drive for perfection, efficiency, precision, and quality craftsmanship, Joseph Bulova, decade after decade, built a brand that is known the world over. But what really fueled the brand’s continual progress over these last 140-plus years was the company’s spirit of invention - always combining the best of both craftsmanship and technology.

During the late 1980s, Bulova® began making watches under licensing agreements Harley-Davidson® - and that was the start of a beautiful thing. That relationship has stood the test of time. Over these years Harley-Davidson® and Bulova® have inspired many watch styles and designs, from the avant-garde to the classic, from casual to formal. Regardless of the complication, from self-winding chronographs to more simple designs, the beautiful Harley® logo dials hide some of the most intricate engineering of our time. Regardless of how beautiful the dial is, for a watch it’s what’s inside the case (the movement) that counts. Some watches are perfect for a day on the bike, and some are fashionable enough for work or evening wear. Most watches have highly accurate quartz movements, while some have the complication of Automatics (self-winding).

If you are looking for that perfect gift, for sure, we have the watch you want at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®.