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Reflective Hi-Viz Gear

Missing Link® Women's Hi-Viz and Reflective Safety Clothing and Gear – "To Be Seen"

“But Officer, I never saw her. I looked, but she wasn't there.” Police Officers hear this all the time when responding to a car verses motorcycle accident. It’s clear that half the battle in motorcycling safety is to be seen by other motorists. Automobile drivers are looking for other cars when they check for traffic . . . they aren’t looking for you riding your bike! They are looking for you driving your car! And when you are on your bike, that's a problem. The solution is to "BE SEEN."

There are easy solutions to this “being seen” dilemma, and wearing a helmet is the first step – it will save your life because it enlarges the head. Once you have a helmet, brightly colored motorcycle gear will help, too, and that is what we feature in this section. Browns, blacks, greens, and denim jeans tend to blend with the background. You’re not a standout. Wearing bright clothing will draw attention so that you are seen. Wearing reflective clothing is a huge step in this direction, too, especially in low light conditions. has brightly colored and/or reflective jackets, vests, gloves, chaps, rain suits, and flags are the safety weapons you need in your defensive arsenal. We have a variety of styles, colors, and extended sizes. Shop our selection of Missing Link® safety clothing. Remember, “being seen” is a major safety requirement when on your motorcycle, especially at night or in low light conditions.

The Hi-Viz gear shown here are from Missing Link®, a well-known manufacturer of motorcycle apparel. Their motto is, "D.O.C.," which stands for "Don't Overlook Cyclist."

Keep your ride safe by being seen with