Harley-Davidson® Women’s Motorcycle Gloves – Hands Down a great Holiday gift for yourself

Harley-Davidson® women's motorcycle gloves are not just a fashion accessory - they are essential. Whether you prefer gauntlet, heated, leather, full finger, or fingerless gloves, Harley-Davidson® has your hands covered for every type of ride.

Other than comfort, there are two major reasons for wearing a proper pair of gloves while riding a motorcycle – gloves offer protection when something hits you, or when you hit something. Either way, there is an impact to deal with. When falling, the instinct is “hands-out, brace for impact.” You don’t think about, you just do it. This reflex is so overpowering you can't prevent it - so, wear gloves to protect your hands. You also want to wear gloves in case something hits one of your hands while riding. If you’ve ever had a flying beetle smack into your knuckles at 70-mph, you know what we are talking about. There are other important reasons for wearing gloves, but important nonetheless. Gloves can block out the wind on a chilly day, protect your hands from damaging UV rays, and they prevent fatigue from vibration, wind burn, dryness, numbness, not to mention they can provide extra grip.

We offer a range of gloves designs to suit your style. Whether full-finger, fingerless, or gauntlet, our gloves offer an unmatched range of features in both leather and textile styles. What style you choose will depend on the type of riding you do, the weather, and the level of protection desired. Full-finger gloves protect the fingers and palms. Fingerless gloves are great for ventilation and allow greater dexterity while still protecting the palms. Gauntlet style gloves keep you covered for full and complete protection. Padded gloves are essential for trail riding to prevent excessive fatigue. Choose from all leather to tactical Kevlar® gloves. For ultimate comfort and protection in virtually any riding situation, new technology and features are now offered in Harley's® latest glove styles. 

If it has the Harley-Davidson® logo you know you are protected. We stock sizes X-Small through X-Large so you can spend less time browsing the internet and more time on the road. We also know that you have come to expect other choices when you shop with In addition to Harley-Davidson®, feel free to check out the high-quality gloves offered here by Redline®, Fulmer®, and Missing Link®.

For the ultimate in hand protection and comfort, shop, where it’s all-hands-on-deck for you, day-in and day-out.

How to determine your glove size: Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of the hand, excluding the thumb. Be sure to measure each hand and use the hand with the largest size.

          Women’s Size    Hand Circumference

XS                     6”

S                      7”

M                      8”

L                       9”

XL                     10”

2XL                   11”