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Harley-Davidson® Men’s Motorcycle Gloves for Ultimate Hand Comfort and Protection – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Most people associate gloves with cold weather, but not Harley® riders . . . we know better. The long and short of it is this: If you ride a motorcycle, gloves are never optional, whether it’s cold or hot outside. They are essential! Whenever you fall, for whatever reason – tripping over a garden hose or slipping on ice, the natural instinct is to put out your hands to brace yourself for the inevitable. You can’t control it. It’s a reflex, just like breathing. But you can be prepared for what comes next, and that’s “sudden ground contact.” Whether you’re a road warrior or a trail rider, you know that gloves can really save your skin, literally. The only variable in the decision making process is what style to wear on any given day. When riding a motorcycle, not wearing them is out of the question. Really, really, out of the question.

Whether you choose a fingerless, full-finger, or a gauntlet style, our gloves offer an unmatched range of features, in both leather and textile. What style a rider chooses may depend on the type of riding they do, the weather, and the level of protection they want. There are more to gloves than just protection, too. They also add to riding comfort by fighting fatigue. New technological features are engineered into Harley® gloves, providing the ultimate in comfort and protection for virtually any riding situation. A well-rounded riding wardrobe will include one of each design style.

Fingerless gloves are great for ventilation, and allow increased dexterity for manipulation of controls while still protecting the palms. Gauntlet style gloves keep you covered for full protection. Padded gloves are essential for trail riding and fight fatigue in all environments. Choose from all leather to tactical Kevlar® gloves. If it has the Harley-Davidson® logo you know you are protected.

Because our customers want choices, we have also included gloves made by Redline®, Milwaukee Leather®, and Missing Link®, all respected manufacturers of high-quality motorcycle gloves. We stock all sizes, too, from Small through Extra Large. This way, you can spend less time browsing the internet and more time on the road. Not sure about your size? See the chart below. Remember, you are not splurging with gloves – they are a riding essential, not only for comfort but for the unthinkable, too.

When you think Harley-Davidson®, make it Wisconsin Harley-Davidson®, located in the heartland of motorcycling.

How to determine your glove size: Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of the hand, excluding the thumb. Be sure to measure each hand and use the hand with the largest size. Match your measurement to the chart below to find your size. Remember, to round up!

         Men’s Size        Hand Circumference

S                      7.5”

M                      8.5”

L                       9.5”

XL                     10.5”

2XL                   11.5”

3XL                   12.5”