Covers & Storage

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Covers, Protectors, and Essential Storage Accessories - Keep It Dry and Covered!

It's about that time of year. Protect the long term value of your bike from the elements, not to mention prying eyes, with a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle cover. If you park your bike outside, it’s obvious that you need to protect it from Mother Nature’s gifts of rain, dust, and harsh sunlight to keep it new looking. Fact is, even if it's parked inside your garage, it makes sense to cover it there, too. Moisture from a wet car can evaporate and condense onto your bike. And dust always finds a way to settle onto everything. That’s bad because dust becomes dirt, and dirt retains moisture. Cover it. Protect it. Keeping moisture, dust, and dirt off the bike is the only way to fight corrosion. When dust or dirt is wet, it stays wet for a long, long time - long enough to create corrosion. That’s why it’s important to keep the bike clean and dry. Finding a cover to protect your valuable, one-of-a-kind Harley® machine is easy because our covers are made specific for our bikes.

We also have other accessories that come in handy in the garage. Check out the wheel chock for use on the floor or in a trailer or truck. Hang Tour-Paks, sissy bars, luggage racks on a Depot Wall Rack to keep things off the floor. There is also a Detach Depot Accessory Wall Rack, as well as a saddlebag storage stand for touring models. You’ll also find tank and fender covers, a garage door remote, a windshield storage bag, a Jiffy Stand Coaster, and more.

We’ve got you covered, literally, at