Harley-Davidson® Clocks – Modern or Yesteryear "Back to the 50's" Designs - They are more than just for telling the time

The H-D® ROADHOUSE™ Collection includes a lot of things, like café tables and bar accessories, but it’s the neon clocks that mesmerize and transfix your gaze long after your brain has registered the time. These clocks are that hypnotic, generating good feelings brought on by nostalgia. Maybe it’s the neon glow, in soft white, blue, or orange that hypnotizes us. Or, it could be the Genuine Motor Oil logo from the 1950’s, or perhaps a touch of Art Deco styling from the 1930’s. If anything, it’s magical.

With retro styles including vintage neon, there is a clock here that works in your game room, family room, or kitchen. For the neon styles, the graphics are surrounded by crisp neon integrated into durable, injection molded, brushed metal housings – factory packaged and ready to be safely shipped to your door step.

The passage of time in really quite a sad thing - Ben Franklin knew that when he said that “lost time is never found.” Yet, it is something we all have to deal with - so, let's remember its passage the Harley® way, where looking back never means having regrets. 

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