Compression Sleeves

Missing Link® ArmPro Tattoo Compression Sleeves* – Functional, Innovative Motorcycle Wear

Missing Link® ArmPro Compression Sleeves - unique, functional, and fashionable. Made with high performance 4-way stretch Lycra fabric, they work for you by keeping you cool when it’s hot, or warm when it’s cool. Many say they are magical. The sleeves have a non-slip silicone gripper at the bicep – once in place they stay in place. They provide about 12-pounds of muscle compression in order to fight muscle fatigue on longer rides. These sleeves are also designed to protect you from sunburn caused by harmful UV rays, having earned an SPF 50 UV rating. If you have ink, this is important.

ArmPro Sleeves are made from a hi-tech moisture wicking fabric (Lycra) that absorbs moisture from your skin, trapping that moisture within the layers of the fabric. When you create an air-flow while riding, the air makes contact with the moisture in the fabric next to your skin, evaporating and cooling the air, making you much more comfortable. It's called evaporative cooling. ArmPro Compression Sleeves are available in over 30 stunning colorful tattoo designs and solid colors. Once you try them, you will love them. Styles include solids and artistically designed tattoo prints. If you have ink, these unique sleeves will help prevent your real tattoos from fading by minimizing sun exposure. If you don’t have ink, now you can look like you do and still keep those nasty UV rays from burning your skin. Support our military styles include the POW/MIA theme, as well as Thank-A-Vet, and American Freedom styles. Use the sizing chart provided below for a perfect fit - find it below and on each page.

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*For a more complete understanding of the therapeutic value of compression sleeves, please read the following.

"To really understand how compression socks and sleeves work, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how blood flows through the body. The heart pumps oxygen containing blood to our extremities and working muscles though arteries. Once the cells use the oxygen and other nutrients from the blood, the then deoxygenated blood, along with lactic acid and other waste products, enter the veins to get taken back to the heart. Once the blood gets back to the heart, it’s oxygenated from the lungs and the process is repeated. Keeping oxygenated blood flowing to muscles is important for performance. The more oxygen the cells have, the better they will function. During exercise, the body produces lactic acid as a waste product. If this lactic acid is not removed from the muscles, it can contribute to soreness and decreased ability to perform. Another factor in decreased performance is muscle fatigue. Muscular vibration during physical activity contributes to fatigue. Think about how much shock and vibration is going through your leg muscles as you pound pavement with 3-5 times your body weight while running. Over time, those little vibrations of the muscles add up and they become fatigued.” -Fleet Feet Sports, Hartford, CT.