Harley-Davidson® Hardware Finishing Products for the Home - Switch Plates, Hooks, and Key Racks

Even if your bike is parked in the garage, while you are in your house Harley® can still be with you each time you pull open a drawer, flip on a light switch, pull on the lamp chain, hang your keys, or hear your guests knocking at the front door. It’s those final hardware touches that make the difference in any room. Military veterans call it ''attention-to-detail.'' Amazingly, it's these more subtle touches that seem to attract the attention of guests, too. In other words, it's the little things that count.

Finishing hardware has the power to transform. Cabinet draws take on a new appearance with Harley® pull knobs. We have the items that can transition a boring room into something to talk about, such as key racks, pull-handles, cabinet knobs, light pull-chains, light-switch plates, door knockers, and more. They all feature Harley-Davidson® logos, from the classic Bar & Shield® to Willie G's skull, and others. All items include mounting hardware.

ACE® Branded Products has a unique line of officially licensed Harley-Davidson® hardware products that capture that sense of adventure and passion Harley® enthusiasts share around the globe. Harley-Davidson’s® relationship with ACE® has lasted for years, and for good reason: ACE® never fails to meet Harley’s® extremely high quality standards.

If it’s Harley-Davidson® ACE® Branded Products you are looking for, you will find them right here at WisconsinHarley.com.