Womens Eyewear

Harley-Davidson® Women's Essential Eyewear – Fashionable Styles for Ladies

You can witness freedom in all its glory, minus the glare, with Harley-Davidson® high-performance eyewear. These sunglasses are available in all imaginable styles, tints, and frame colors. Choose the color of the lens you want, whether it is gray, brown, green, yellow, blue, purple, pink, or red. Green lenses are for general purpose use, rain or shine. Brown and amber lenses provide improved contrast and depth perception. Yellow lenses provide great clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions. Blue, purple and gradient lenses reduce glare, enhance contours and color perception. Gray lenses are best for general use, allowing true color, great protection, and reduced glare especially around water. Pink and red lenses reduce eye strain, improve contrast, and are comfortable. And, don’t forget the safety aspect of eyewear. Protect you most valuable sense, your vision, from road hazards as well as from the sun and UV rays. Look for patented removable facial cavity seals on many styles for extra wind and debris protection. Where applicable, our sunglasses meet ANSI Z87 impact standards.

Most of the women's offering have a feminine touch. If you are looking for something more neutral, check out all the options in the men's section. 

In 2012 Wiley X® and Harley-Davidson® joined forces by licensing Wiley X® to make performance riding eyewear under the Harley-Davidson® brand. As a Harley-Davidson® licensee, Wiley X® has met the high standards required by Harley-Davidson’s® for the high quality performance our riding enthusiasts have come to expect. You also know you are wearing the best if the H-D® logo is present. We also carry offerings from 7eye by Panoptx®. We know our customers want choice.

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