Milwaukee Leather® and Redline® Rain Gear – For Men and Women - Choices for You

Riding in the rain without rain gear makes for a miserable experience. On the other hand, nothing makes a ride more memorable than riding in the rain with proper rain gear. If there is light rain and mist while crossing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or while riding the winding roads of Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota, you have the opportunity to enjoy the moments twice – when it is happening, and through pleasant memories.

Milwaukee Leather® and Redline® can make for good rainy memories with their offerings of motorcycle rain gear, all at affordable prices. Whether it’s a black or an orange and silver rain suit, you’ll stay warm because you stay dry. For both men and women, there are rain suits with reflective piping that are lightweight and comfortable. Elastic cuffs at the wrist and ankles, and heat guards on the trousers ensure a dry, comfortable ride. 

Plan ahead and change your rainy day worries into fun, rainy day memories. Shop WisconsinHarley.com and stay dry.