Helmet Accessories

Harley-Davidson® Women's Helmet Bags, Motorcycle Helmet Accessories and Replacement Parts

Match your helmet to the conditions, your motorcycle, and your individual style with Harley-Davidson® motorcycle helmet accessories. We have replacement neck collars, locks, screws, visors, face shields in various colors, and more.

While the helmet is absolutely crucial for safety, it is probably the least respected and most abused piece of motorcycle clothing equipment. That is a shame, because it's probably the one piece of equipment that might save your life - we're not talking bruises, cuts and scrapes, or even broken bones. We're talking life and death. Your helmet needs to be kept clean and dry, protected from harsh sunlight on the interior, and it should never be dropped. Even if a dropped helmet does not have discernible damage, its structural integrity could be compromised. This is why helmets cannot be exchanged or returned after purchase. So, when your helmet is not being used, treat it like expensive crystal. Always store your helmet in a protective case or bag. Protect it because it could save your life.

Harley-Davidson® motorcycle helmet accessories allow you to get the most out of your helmet. Our WisconsinHarley.com inventory has what you need.