Harley-Davidson® Clothing and Accessories for Little Boy's – Shirts, Sweatshirts, Backpacks, Hoodies, and More

Once your boy is out of the Toddler stage of life, he’s knee-deep into those “puppy-dog tail” years. He can make a mess in less than a minute, run faster, climb higher, and can figure out even the most complicated of child-proof cabinet devices, too. With such ingenuity you know he’s tuning into a little Harley® man who is ready for rough and tumble playground workouts.

We have all the apparel you need for your little man. Our inventory includes a selection of jackets, vests, T-shirts, collared shirts, play hoodies, and backpacks. Each item sports a Harley-Davidson® logo you are sure to like. With pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school now a reality, we’ve also included the all-important backpack. Whether he’s dressed for school or for the weekend, your boy will be comfortable and looking sharp with our stylish apparel - all terrific additions to the little guy’s wardrobe.

Keep it in the family with authentic and officially licensed Harley-Davidson® clothing for Little Boy's, made by SGI® Apparel Group, and Bravado®, both known for their high quality standards, especially in durability, comfort, and style.

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