Cleaning & Care

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Cleaning Supplies - Rule #1 – GET RID OF THE DIRT!

What causes rust and corrosion on your bike? Many people think it’s water. While water does play a role, the root cause is really DIRT.

Keep the dirt off the bike and you’ll have no rust or corrosion. Period. Rust is formed when iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or moisture in the air. And what keeps the water next to the metal parts of your motorcycle? The answer is, “Dirt.” Dirt is the dirty word. That’s the enemy. Confront it in all its forms: dirt, dust, and debris. Dirt not only retains moisture, but if left in place it sits there hour-after-hour, and day-after-day, retaining the one thing that oxidizes metal: moisture. Water, by itself, evaporates rather quickly on its own. But when combined with dirt, it takes what seems to be forever to finally evaporate. So, it makes sense that the biggest step in beating corrosion is keeping the bike clean – get rid of the dirt and you win!

Outshine your friends and fellow riders with these outstanding Harley-Davidson® cleaning and care solutions. Protect your bike’s finish and chrome from the elements. Get the dirt off, keep it off, and keep it dry. Follow these three easy steps: Scrub it, dry it, and detail it. Use the fireman style hose nozzle to blast away debris and wet it down. Use a washing mitt made of wool to scrub away the remaining dirt and debris, most of which you can't even see. Use a wheel and spoke brush to get at the difficult to reach places. Dry it with a HOG Blaster motorcycle dryer. When that’s done, use microfiber detailing cloths with waxes to protect the finish.

Remember the rules before riding: Tune it, then CLEAN IT.