Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Authentic* Harley-Davidson® Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirts - Be Ready for Cooler Temps – Unbelievable Front and Back Graphics

Welcome to one of the largest collections of long sleeve Harley-Davidson® T-Shirts available anywhere. We have dozens and dozens of different designs and colors, and in many cases the sizes range all the way to 5X-Large - so no one gets left out. We also rotate our inventory so it’s fresh no matter the time of year, during the Holiday Season, or during summer. With lock stitching, reinforced crewnecks, and rib-knit cuff construction, our shirts will last for years, wash after wash. All of our T-shirts are Harley-Davidson® branded with graphics on the chest and most have graphics on the backside, too. Hover over a shirt you like to see an image of the backside. Our selections are manufactured under Harley-Davidson® license by manufacturers known of quality workmanship, like Bravado®, and Maingate®.

With these LS tees, you can look sharp on your motorcycle, or wear them as an everyday fashion statement. Choose from a huge variety of logos, scripts, and new designs. We have tees that are conservative, even dressy, as well as tees that work well at the baseball park. Some of the graphics can be eerie, too - after all, sometimes that's just the way we want it to be. Harley® shirts are made from high quality 100% cotton fabric or blends.

From subdued designs to those that shout-out "BIKER IN THE HOUSE," you can find what you want right here at WisconsinHarley.com. Giving a T-Shirt gift to a Harley® guy is about as thoughtful as it gets, too. Remember, it's a maxim in life that men can never have too many T-shirts. Use the FILTER BY widget at the upper left to drill down to your preferred size, color, or price. It’s easy.

*NOTE: With Harley-Davidson’s® success as a coveted brand, it is no surprise to see disreputable counterfeiters illegally copying your favor logos, especially on T-shirts. Always buy from a reputable source like Wisconsin Harley-Davidson® to ensure you get the real thing. Unscrupulous merchants are known to actually copy authentic images, and then illegally screen-print those images onto inferior material, claiming they are the real thing. For those who succumb to impossibly cheap prices, the disappointment is huge. Don't take the chance! For the real thing shop right here WisconsinHarley.com.